What makes someone want to be a Business Educator?

Last December, SBTA member and godfather of Saskatchewan Business Education, Dr. Cyril Kesten wrote an interesting article for the MBEA (Massachusetts Business Educators Association) blog. The article considers what makes someone want to a be Business Educator. Take some time to read the article and then maybe give Dr. Kesten a thank you for all he has done for Saskatchewan Business Education!

What makes someone want to be a Business Educator?

12/16/2016 Guest Blogger Cyril Kesten

Why do we Teach? How did we get here? What makes someone want to be a Business Educator?
I regularly teach the first year introduction to education course in our teacher education program. The students come from all disciplines and programs. They include prospective early childhood teachers, elementary school teachers, middle year teachers, arts educators, French immersion teachers and high school teachers from all the high school disciplines (except Business Education but that’s another story for another day!).

The majority of these students graduated from high school the previous spring and are experiencing their first year of post secondary education. All of them have applied to and been accepted into one of our teacher education programs. Given my own circuitous route to teaching I have always been interested in what motivates a young person, or any teacher, to come to this profession. But beyond that I wonder, as teachers and particularly as business educators what we owe our students at the high school level? What should we be doing for them?

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Save the Date - 2017 SBTA Conference and High School Case Competition

2017 SBTA Conference and High School Business Case Competition

The 2017 SBTA Conference and High School Business Case Competition is fast approaching!



2017 SBTA Conference and High School Case Competition

Save the Date - 2017 SBTA Conference and High School Case Competition

This year marks the 6th annual High School Business Case Competition, which will be hosted at the Hill School of Business on the campus of the University of Regina.

The SBTA is extremely excited to announce that Rachel Mielke, the Founder and CEO of Hillberg & Berk will be the keynote speaker at the Conference and Case Competition dinner on May 4th.

Registration information will be coming very soon! Stay tuned.


SCCHS Business Club in the News

Last week the SCCHS Business Club was featured in online articles, not once but twice!

On Thursday, December 15th the SCCHS Business Club was featured in Swift Current Online discussing the club, why business education is important, and financial literacy. You can read the full article here: ‘Financial Fluency For the Future’ the Goal of SCCHS Business Club.

Less than 24-hours later, the SCCHS Business Club was the subject of an article in the Prairie Post discussing the club’s participation in the Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association (SEDA) tournament. Not only did the SCCHS Business Club participate in the SEDA tournament, they hosted it! Take a moment to read the full article here: SCCHS Business Club hosts provincial debate.

The SBTA would like to congratulate the SCCHS Business Club, along with teacher and SBTA Vice-President Cindy Lowe, for the successes of the business club and furtherance of business education in Saskatchewan! Great work!


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Connie Perrault Discusses Personal Finance on CBC Radio

On Tuesday September 13th, SBTA President Connie Perrault was a guest on CBC Radio’s Morning Edition, where she spoke about financial literary, personal finance, and education. If you did not get a chance to listen to Connie on the Morning Edition, or if you would like to hear it again, CBC Radio has the entire segment available on their website, which has also been embedded below for easier access.
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2016 SBTA Award of Merit - Cindy Lowe

2015-2016 SBTA Award of Merit

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 SBTA Award of Merit recipient, Cindy Lowe. Cindy is a teacher at Swift Current Comprehensive High School, the current secretary for the SBTA, and the incoming SBTA Vice-President. The SBTA would like to thank Cindy for her commitment to business education in Saskatchewan and her help planning and promoting the SBTA Conference and High School Case Competition. Great work Cindy!

2016 SBTA Award of Merit - Cindy Lowe

SBTA President, Connie Perrault (left), presents Cindy Lowe (right) with the 2015-2016 SBTA Award of Merit.


2016 SBTA Conference and Case Competition Feedback Survey

We are just over one week removed from the 2016 SBTA Conference and Case Competition. The SBTA is requesting your feedback on the conference and case competition, and your thoughts for next year’s conference and case competition. Please take a few minutes to fill in the feedback survey below, your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!

Feedback Survey

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this conference evaluation. Your comments will enable us to plan future events that meet your needs.
Comm 101 Poster Version 2

Introduction to Business from Edwards School of Business, available online

Edwards School of Business is offering COMM 101.3, Introduction to Business, online. This course provides high school students with dual high school and university credits, so students can get an early start on their university courses! Edwards School of Business is also offering up to 10,000$ in total scholarships to students taking Introduction to Business! See the poster below for more information, or contact Edwards School of Business at to apply.